The world of a new life is created before the new life.  Just like God created the world before he created man; so, in the creation of a human being in the womb, God creates the world of the human being (the micro-womb) before he creates the human being (the micro-embryo).

We will provide proof in two steps.  First, here are two diagram-pictures (actual pictures with diagrams inserted) that represent the facts:

On Day 5 here is what exists in the womb:

Fifth Day MagnifiedOn Day 6 here is what exists in the womb:

Sixth Day MagnifiedSecond, here are two actual pictures that present the facts reported in the above two diagram-pictures:

Fifth Day Magnified PhotoSixth Day Magnified Photo



On the off chance that you don’t understand what you just read, here is our main point:

Just like man was created on the sixth day, in the Bible, so, human beings are created on the sixth day, in the womb.

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